(original translation)

2013, Berlin & San Francisco, Potemkin Press

Eisenstein's essay on Walt Disney was part of his unfinished book METHOD, a study of the relationship between archaic thought and art practice. Disney becomes the central subject of analysis, because in his work the synesthetic affects of sound and color, and the perfect visual rhythm unite with animism, totemism and the plasmatic qualities of form. 

Circus, ornament, cave paintings and Leonardo, Wilhelm Busch, Utagawa Toyohiro, Grandville, Saul Steinberg, Shakespeare, Balzac, Dostoevsky, Napoleon, Gorky, La Fontaine, Lautréamont, Hegel, Darwin, Freud, Ferensci, Fourier and Disney. Hardly anyone had heretofore attempted to place the work of the creator of Mickey Mouse within such an opulent context of high culture.

On the new translation: "...Many passages of Dustin Condren's new translation more fully convey the complexities of Eisenstein's occasionally gnarled prose."       —Stuart Liebman, Cineaste, Winter 2013